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Who we are

Woodbois, established in 2004 and listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM, excels in the sustainable production and global distribution of African hardwoods. With a strategic focus on sustainability, evidenced by significant investments in Gabon, including a state-of-the-art sawmill and veneer factory, Woodbois aligns its operations with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ranked eighth by SPOTT for its sustainability practices, the company is committed to environmental responsibility, supporting local communities, and leading the industry in climate change mitigation efforts.

Job Description

We are looking for a talented and motivated Timber Trader to become part of our team in Dubai, UAE. In this important role, you’ll be in charge of handling and growing our business’s timber trading activities.

A big part of your job involves frequent traveling to build strong, lasting connections with our customers, suppliers, and partners in the timber industry. Your ability to create and maintain these relationships is key to our mutual success. You’ll also focus on promoting practices that are good for the environment and follow international trading standards.

We seek an individual who excels in collaborative environments and appreciates the importance of teamwork in both the procurement and sales facets of our business.

Meet Your Colleagues

Your Key Responsibilities

• Sales and Customer Management: Manage and monitor a client portfolio, understanding their specific timber product needs and ensuring exceptional service delivery.

• Supply Chain Management: Work with suppliers to acquire high-quality timber, negotiate deals, and handle inventory efficiently, all while supporting sustainable forestry.

• Market Analysis: Stay updated on industry trends, prices, and market dynamics to make knowledgeable trading decisions, including international trade factors.

• Risk Management: Enhance timber trading profitability by incorporating trades with short ‘cash out’ cycles, alongside reducing risks through thorough financial analysis, decision-making, while complying with legal and regulatory standards.

• Contract Negotiation: Secure deals with suppliers and customers that benefit both parties and meet sustainability certification requirements.

• Relationship Building: Strengthen connections with clients and suppliers to understand their needs and gain trust, essential for effective negotiations and sustained business growth.

• Documentation: Keep precise records, contracts, and documents for timber transactions, incorporating sustainability reports.


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