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Discover how we balance nature conservation with high-quality wood production for a greener future.

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Vegetation-dense tropical forests, like those in the Congo Basin, absorb more carbon dioxide than they emit, earning them the title of “carbon sinks.”

According to Professor Lee White, Minister of Water, Forests, the Sea, and Environment of Gabon:

“Selective logging can encourage more carbon capture in the long run than no logging at all because it allows light to reach the forest floor, which in turn stimulates more tree growth.

If we reduce the amount of logging over 25 years, we might actually end up with less carbon stored than if we had done more classic selective logging.”

Sustainable Management Plan

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Our Production Facilities

  • 11-hectare sawmill site
  • 5-hectare veneer factory

In Gabon, both processing sites are located in the town of Mouila, within 70 km of our approximately 156,000 hectares of forestry concessions, which are issued for a 20-year term and are valid until 2036, renewable thereafter.

Mouila is 430 km by tarmac road from the port of Libreville, from which we export.

The sawmill is equipped with new Shenyang vertical bandsaws, complemented by new Mebor and Woodmizer edgers, purchased in 2018 and 2019.

The veneer factory, which opened at the end of 2018, is equipped with a full Cremona peeling and drying line and a new custom-built heating system.

New Techdri kilns with a capacity of 1000 m³ were installed at the sawmill, meaning that all processing now takes place onsite.

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