High-quality veneers for professional applications
Woodbois can supply you with high-quality veneers in a range of thicknesses to suit various construction and design applications.

Our veneers can be delivered in large quantities as standard-size boards or cut to your specifications, in your choice of thickness from 0.5mm to 10mm. We use premium quality, state-of-the-art Italian Angelo Cremona peeling machinery to produce our veneers, for a precise and beautiful product. Quality is carefully monitored by our highly experienced production team, so you can be assured that you are getting the perfect finish every time.
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What wood is used to produce our veneers?

We use two different species of wood to produce most of our veneers, Okoume and Ilomba. Okoume is native to the West and Central African regions, where you will find our forests and processing plants. It is a hardwood with a pleasing grain, similar to mahogany, and comes in light, natural shades with a pinkish hue. It is workable and durable and well suited for marine plywood veneers and applications in wet environments.  Supplies and export of Okoume are carefully regulated and we are proud to support the local economy and sustainability goals, with mills and processing facilities based in Gabon where the trees natively grow.  Ilomba is another wood that is native to the local West African forests and coastal regions. It comes in pinkish-brown and light brown shades, with a straight grain and a moderately coarse finish. It is perfect for producing high-quality veneers, because of its pleasing appearance, workability and suitability for peeling and slicing. It is stable and easy to cut, but its density makes it relatively lightweight. This makes it ideal for transportation and applications that require minimal weight, such as vehicle panelling or boat-building.

Where do our veneers come from?

We source the wood for our veneers from sustainable forests across West and Central Africa. Production and finishing then take place at our purpose-built 5-hectare veneer factory site in Gabon, on the West Coast. From here, we export our veneer boards to clients, wholesalers and distributors across North America, Europe and around the world.

What can our veneers be used for?

Our veneers are typically used in the production of high-quality plywood for the construction and boat-building industries. They produce strong, stable and workable boards, which can be used as panels in a wide range of applications. 

How to choose the right veneer for your project 

Our global sales team is made up of timber specialists, with decades of experience in supplying and specifying wood products and veneers for clients in a range of industries. Contact Woodbois today to discuss your exact requirements and we will help you choose the right veneer to meet your specifications.