A blockboard line is scheduled to be installed in 2021, maximising recovery rates from our sawmill. Our blockboard will primarily be used within Africa in the construction space.

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Supplying blockboard to the construction industry across Africa

Woodbois will begin production and supply of blockboard in 2021, with a purpose-built line due to be installed at our processing plant.

Blockboard production is an efficient use of our resources, as it maximises recovery rates from our sawmill. This means we can make more use out of every log, minimising wastage from the felled trees and ensuring we continue to lead the way in sustainable forestry and timber production.

Our range of blockboard products will be suitable for a variety of uses within the construction industry and will be primarily distributed across Africa. The wood will be sourced from our sustainable forests on the continent and then dried, treated, cut and glued into boards at our local sawmill using a brand new state-of-the-art blockboard production line.

What is blockboard?

Blockboard is a form of plywood, constructed out of multiple veneers glued together to create a strong board.

It has a different core to standard plywood, however, made up of solid veneer or softwood strips laid edge to edge, enclosed and bonded between hardwood sheets for additional strength and thickness. It is stiffer than standard plywood boards, while still maintaining a lightweight construction which is easy to handle and cut. It is therefore ideal for applications such as wall shelves or furniture, as well as general construction. Veneer facings on each side give it an attractive finish suitable for painting or use in visible applications.

Contact our international sales team today to find out more about when our range of blockboard products will launch. Our sales team has decades of experience in the production and supply of lumber, veneer and blockboard for a variety of uses, so will be able to advise on the best specification and quantities to suit your requirements.