Our Approach

1. Stakeholder engagement

We partner with government and community leaders throughout the project lifecycle. We acknowledge the different requirements of all our partners and understand that project success is dependent on their invaluable participation.

2. Dependable finance

Our ability to structure innovative financing solutions and form long term partnerships means we’re able to focus attention on what we’re passionate about – growing forests.

3. Landscape scale

We’re focused on developing projects at a scale that delivers meaningful positive impact to local economies, communities, and the environment.

4. Longevity

We commit to long term initiatives and plan for sustainable post-project land use from the earliest design phase. Our sustainable forest management expertise means we are able to plan schemes that deliver valuable ecosystem services and employment long after the initial carbon project period.

5. Sustainable impact

Our projects contribute to local skilling and job creation, generate new revenue streams for our community partners, and build and protect critical forest ecosystems.

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