Sustainable Wood Production


Our production facilities include:

  • 13 hectare sawmill site in Gabon
  • 5 hectare veneer factory
  • 10 hectare sawmill in Mozambique
  • 5 hectare bush-mill

In Gabon, both processing sites are within 70km of our approximately 100,000 hectares of forestry concessions, which are issued for a 20 year term and are valid until 2036, renewable thereafter. Mouila is 430km by tarmac road from the port of Libreville, from which we export.

The sawmill is equipped with new Shenyang vertical bandsaws purchased in 2019 which are complemented by new Mebor and Woodmizer edgers, purchased in 2018 and 2019.  The veneer factory which opened at the end of 2018 is equipped with a full Cremona peeling and drying line and a new custom-built heating system.

In Mozambique, our 10 hectare sawmill site located in Nampula opened in 2018 and is equipped with new Woodmiser breakdown saws and edgers. Nampula is centrally located between our approximately 300,000 hectares of 25-50 year forestry concessions and the deep water port of Nacala, from which we export.

New Techdri kilns with a capacity of 1000m3 were installed at the sawmill during 2019 meaning that all processing now takes place onsite.

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