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Combining two uniquely Africa focused businesses

Woodbois was born out of the union of two uniquely Africa focused businesses – Obtala Ltd and WoodBois International (WBI).

In 2017 Obtala, an African mineral and agricultural company, acquired WBI, a company engaged in the global trade of sawn West African hardwood. They had grown to become a leading global trader of African timber and timber products. The union of Obtala and WBI was followed, in March 2019, by a name-change and re-brand. Obtala Ltd became Woodbois Ltd, signalling the completion of the company’s transition.

Today, Woodbois is a business focused on the production, processing, manufacture and supply of sustainable softwood, hardwood and related products throughout Africa and across the globe.

Management team

Guido Theuns

Guido was appointed as CEO at the beginning of January 2024. Guido has worked for over 25 years in the international IT and Financial business sectors in various management positions. He entered the arena of the financial markets in 1995 and specialized in structuring Alternative Investment Funds and developing and implementing international strategies for companies and family offices active in the financial markets. Guido lives in France and the Netherlands.

Graeme Thomson

Graeme, 62, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and has been a public company director for many decades, as a CEO, CFO/Company Secretary and as a Non-Executive. He has varied commercial UK and international experience, including of Audit and Remuneration Committees.
forest management

Newly equipped production facilities

We operate a 10.8 hectares sawmill site and a 3.5 hectares veneer factory in Gabon, as well as a 10 hectare sawmill in Mozambique. Each site is equipped with the latest machinery, all of which has been installed within the last three to four years. We have also installed new Techdri kilns within our sawmills, ensuring all operations and processes can be completed on-site.

WBI acts as a bridge between the West African timber-producing sector and the global timber consuming industry. Our sustainable methods aim to meet the growing demand for hardwood that is both high-quality and good value.


Highly experienced global team

Our highly experienced team is made up of timber specialists, located throughout both Europe and Africa. They are experts in sourcing sustainable timber, or timber products, and efficiently supplying to a global customer base.

Woodbois’ founders have over 20 years of experience in the African wood procurement and sales sectors. They have not only worked within the hardwood industry but lived in West Africa for many years, which provides them with a unique understanding of the sector.

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