Sustainably produced
African timber.

Business Overview

Leading producer of sustainable African hardwoods

Woodbois Ltd, listed on the AIM section of the London Stock Exchange, is involved in the production, processing, manufacture and supply of sustainable African hardwood and hardwood products.

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Sky News Exclusive

Gabon calls for financial rewards to help protect the rainforest

It will be "very difficult" to protect the Great Congo Basin rainforest unless countries like Gabon are properly rewarded for their conservation efforts, its environment minister has told Sky News.

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Committed to sustainability

We demonstrate and track our commitment to sustainability through the adoption of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative

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Newly equipped production facilities

Our production facilities in Gabon, located in the city of Mouila, include a 13 hectare sawmill site and a further 5 hectare veneer factory site.

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Carefully graded to exact specifications

Our products, whether manufactured in our own facilities or sourced from vetted and sustainably compliant third- party suppliers are all carefully graded and prepared to your exact dimensions and specification.


Our Mission

"To be the leading producer and global supplier of sustainable African hardwood and hardwood products, the leading supplier of internationally sourced timber materials to the rapidly growing African construction sector, and to contribute to long term economic and social development in all of the markets in which we operate"

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Minimum quantity = 1 container (35m3 Kilne Dried or 25m3 Air dried)